A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This demo was created as the final project for the summer 2017 Intermediate Game Design course at NYU.

The assignment we received was to replicate the beginning of an established game. In our case, the game we had to replicate 1993’s DOOM. What seemed like a simple task at first quickly became complex, and we certainly gained a greater appreciation for what id Software was able to create in 1993.

Some notable frustrations included the modeling of a basic human form for the enemies (the most complicated 3D work any of us had done to date), balancing the level of enemy threat, and making sure the animation of the gun matched with the rate of fire.

This project was created as a collaboration between ak6894, chortletortle, Octopi with Hats, and spltsecnd.


Install instructions

Play in Windowed Mode


Windows Version 13 MB
Mac Version 30 MB