Don't let fangirls get in the way of raging.

Dodge the Fangirls is a game about the concert where I stage dove for the first time. You have to use WASD to move around and avoid the fangirls, and you have to use space to jump on the stage at the end to win. I chose this concept because it is one of my most memorable concert experiences. I was 17 years old, and I was at the Pure Noise Spring Tour. My favorite song by the band that was playing came on, and I jumped onto the stage and launched myself into the crowd. It was one of the most amazing feelings I had ever had, and it is definitely something I will remember forever. Good thing there wasn't any security at the show. 

What was fun was planning the project out and programming all of the different aspects. My background is in Computer Science, so the problem solving is something I find really enjoyable. I did not like moving around all of the little pieces making sure everything was placed as I wanted it to be. The hardest part of the coding was the oscillating movement of the fangirls. It took me a few tries before I discovered the Mathf.PingPong function. What I did not enjoy was the painting. It's not in Unity, but oh man I found it so hard. I am not an artistically-inclined person, so that painting was not enjoyable. Creating the 3D models in Maya was difficult, but overall I enjoyed that. It was a new challenge for me, and a lot of it was me planning what I would want my game to look like. I know I/m kind of contradicting myself, but the 3D modeling made me feel accomplished. I created the visuals for my game from scratch. I defined the artistic vision of the whole game. And I thought that was pretty cool. I haven't made many games in my life, so this was definitely a valuable experience for me to have a project I worked on for over a couple days, nurturing a game all the way from its idea to its final project. I enjoyed it and feel very accomplished.

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